Clementine Bear

Clementine – 17 Inches – $105

Clementine - 17 inches - $195.00 USD

Clementine – 17 inches – $175.00 USD

Hi! My name is Clementine. I am all dressed up for an old fashion Sunday picnic in my hunter green, velvet dress and hat – do you want to come? I’ll bring the sandwiches and punch, you bring the ants, no – not really, just foolin’ with you ☺. I am entirely conceived and hand sewn by my designer, DJ McCloskey, in a smoke-free environment. Many hours of patient work and thought have gone into creating and crafting me.IMG_0256

I am created using soft, white, fluffy, lush faux fur imported from Europe. I am fully jointed for flexibility and poise and if you look at me I’ll look back and give you a “wink” with my sweet black glass blown eyes. I am filled with poly fiberfill, steel shot and glass beads and I give lots of snuggles.IMG_0261

Please note that I am a collectible and not a toy for children under 8 years old.


I am one-of-a-kind (OOAK) teddy bear which means there is only one of me ☺. I also come with my own Certificate of Authenticity signed and dated by DJ.


Thanks so much for stopping by,
With Lots of Bear Hugs,


$105.00 USD
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