Joey Dog

Joey – ADOPTED miniature schauzers, Joey (17”) and Crissy (14”), were given to one of my teddy bear customer’s mom and dad at Christmas 2013.  Her mom and dad almost lost Crissy to an illness so it meant a lot to them.  Crissy is fine, thankfully.

Close up of Joey.full body

My customer’s father and mother couldn’t believe how close they were to the actual dogs.  In fact, they put the dogs in the real Crissy’s dog bed (who normally tears up any “stuffed animals”) and Crissy just sniffed my two dogs and then turned around and laid down with them.  They were amazed at how Crissy accepted my creations as another dog!

2013-12-20 20.22.32

When I was done creating the schnauzers (especially Joey the 17”) I had it sitting on my kitchen table when I went back to get Crissy, the 14” schnauzer.  When I came back downstairs I saw my own dog starring at Joey and growling.

2013-12-20 20.44.14

I thought, hmmm I guess they do look real.

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